Tri-Cities Reactive Dog Club

These meetups will be held outside in large open spaces within Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam & Port Moody.

Other locations may be arranged

The club exclusive for our past and current clients and suitable for working on leash reactivity towards other dogs or people due to fear or frustration.

A minimum of 1 private consultation is required to ensure your dog can perform outside in a group setting and so we can set you up with the skills required to ensure stress free, safe and beneficial meetups for everyone. Follow up private sessions may be required before joining.


This consultation is $160 plus gst

90 minutes. 

See here for more info


Each meetup will have around 4 dogs working in together or at individual training stations.

We will not work on up close greetings unless we have an appropriate group.

We will do our best to arrange groups that are close to the same level but we will also have a chat prior to bringing the dogs out so everyone knows the limits of the other dogs.

You will receive access to our private Facebook group where everyone in the club can connect, discuss training challenges, vent & share success!

Be part of a group of like-minded people who have the same goals of lowering stress on walks and helping their dog learn new strategies to cope with ever-changing environments. Having the support in a community helps keep you motivated to train and gives lots of different dogs and humans to learn from. 

$45 etransfer or credit $40 cash

Meetups will be held weekly when filled

If you are interested in joining, e-mail us at or mention the club upon booking your training package

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