Behaviour Modification

Fear - Aggression - Leash Reactivity - Reactivity


One on One in Person Coaching with a Certified Behaviour Consultant

Does your dog lunge, growl or bark at other dogs or people? Are they over stimulated in public? Does the approach of people, dogs or novel objects scare them or overexcite them?

Handling a reactive or fearful dog has many challenges but when you book with us, you will work one on one with our senior trainer who specializes in fear and aggression. She will set both you and your dog up for success, develop a realistic management and safety plan and help build your confidence in training and handling your dog.

*If your dog has experienced a sudden behaviour change, we will require a vet check to rule out any medical issues before we meet

Reactivity Training

Aggression/Reactivity Towards People Inside and Outside the Home

(lunging, growling, barking)

Aggression/Reactivity Towards Dogs on or off Leash

(lunging, growling, barking)

Aggression/Reactivity When People or Dogs Walk by the House

(lunging & barking from windows/fences/balcony)


Fear of Strangers or Family Members

(including children)

Aggression/Reactivity Towards Moving Objects

(cars, bikes, skateboards, etc.)

Other Behaviour Modification

Fear of Objects

(collar/harness, lawn mower, vacuum, novel items etc.)

Noise Sensitivity

(loud vehicles, thunder, kitchen appliances, fireworks etc.)

Environmental Fears

(car rides, different floor surfaces, noisy/crowded places, etc.)

Fear of the Vet or Groomer


Please note - Separation anxiety & resource guarding cases will be referred to trainers who specialize in these areas



All packages start with a comprehensive 90 minute consultation which can be done in person or virtually. During the consultation, we take a full history of your dog, get an idea of your lifestyle and routines, set you up with safety and management strategies and develop a custom training plan.

Basic Reactivity Package

$350 plus GST


1 x Comprehensive Consultation

Session will be up to 90 minutes depending on circumstances


1 x 30 minute follow up Out & About session to practice skills

(to be booked 2-3 weeks apart)

Advanced Reactivity Package

$775 plus GST


Advance your skills with our most flexible plan and receive some extra perks!

1 x Comprehensive Consultation

Session will be up to 90 minutes depending on circumstances


3 hours of additional coaching (Out & About or in the home)

Choose between 30, 45, & 60 minute follow ups


1 free pass for our Tri-Cities Reactive Dog Club ($45 value)

(Meetups are in Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows. If your dog is not suitable for the club this holds no additional value)

Additional training sessions may be transferred to the Tri Cities Reactive Dog Club if you qualify and we feel it would be more beneficial.

What to expect when you book with us

When we meet, we start by looking at your dog’s daily routine and see if we need to make any adjustments. From there we will discuss your current challenges to get a solid understanding of what is going on.

Next, we set some goals, management and safety strategies and begin creating a custom training plan.

We finish by going over the training plan to ensure it is manageable for you, show demonstrations where needed, answer any last questions and go over any homework to get started on before receiving your follow up notes and training plan via email.

Before we finish, we will book in any follow up appointment(s) if not already done.


It is recommended to book follow ups 1-3 weeks apart.

After the consultation, you will receive a training plan with step by step instructions, handouts and other educational tools. This will be sent within 10 days of your appointment unless otherwise specified.

We recommend writing down any questions before we arrive and also encourage taking notes, however, that is not required!


Follow ups

Follow ups are done in person and can be indoor or outdoor, though outdoor is preferred at this time

(masks are required for all sessions throughout the pandemic)

Your first follow up is generally booked 2 weeks after your consultation.

Additional follow-up lessons are generally scheduled 2-3 weeks apart

They are great for those of you who prefer hands on help with the implementation of the training plan, have multiple skills to work on, refining your dog training skills or keeping on track with your training plan with pre-booked appointments.

It is recommended that all sessions are completed within 6 months of the initial booking to

ensure consistency in training

Sessions expire 12 months from initial booking

Please Note: We do not guarantee any results in training. Due to the nature of behaviour and all factors involved, time frames and progress will vary. Client compliance and completion of homework tasks is necessary for training plans to be successful.