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Walk & Train

Let us take some of the work off your hands!

While you work (clean, relax), we will work one on one with your dog outside the house while following strict COVID safety protocols. We specialize in fear and aggression as well as leash frustration but are happy to work on behaviours such as loose leash walking, basic handling, wait (at corners or for food), recall, leave it or stay, and tricks like spin, weave, paw targeting (with objects on specific cues) and whatever else you can think of!

You will receive emailed notes on the topics covered and demonstrations or videos as needed. It is highly recommended to practice all the techniques we cover to ensure the training remains consistent while working together.

This service includes a 30 minute meet & greet either in person or virtually to discuss the plan for training, your challenges and goals, treats - providing there are no special dietary requirements, enrichment activities and photo's posted to social media from our outings.


*The meet & greet is required unless we have met previously.

This service is subject to availability in Port Coquitlam, Port Moody & Coquitlam.



30 minutes - $125 plus gst

45 minutes - $150 plus gst

60 minutes - $175 plus gst

Email us for more info

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