Private Puppy Training

One on One in Person Coaching

For Puppies from 7 Weeks to 5 Months Old

Are you planning on adding a puppy to your family or have already added one? We can help with everything from picking the right breed for your lifestyle, helping them adjust to their new home and getting them started with all the tools to set them up for life long success.

Most puppies socialization window begins to close around 16 weeks. Current research shows the most important time for puppy socialization and exploration of novel things is the first three months of life. During this time puppies should be exposed to as many new people, animals, stimuli, and environments without causing fear or over-stimulation. For this reason, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour believes that it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated. We can help make this exposure positive while teaching you how to read their body language to ensure all experiences remain as positive as possible.

See the AVSAB article on socialization here

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Some topics covered in our packages include:

Cooperative Care
(Fear Free training for grooming and vet visits)

Safe Socialization

(even for the pre-vaccinated pups!)

Exposure to novel things

Crate Training


Puppy Biting


Inappropriate Chewing

Overcoming Fear

Appropriate Play

Basic Cues

(sit, down, targeting, settle etc.​)

Basic Puppy Package 

$375 plus GST 

(package must be used before your puppy turns 5.5 months old)

1 x comprehensive consultation 


2 x 60 minute follow up

to be booked 1-2 weeks apart


Advanced Puppy Package

$575 plus GST

(package must be used before your puppy turns 5.5 months old)

Advance your skills and get your puppy started on the right paw with our most flexible plan.​

Choose between 30, 45, & 60 minute follow ups and get access to Day Training with our advanced package!


1 x comprehensive consultation


4 hours of additional in person coaching


*Bonus* 1 x 30 min out and about socialization session ($60 value)

(this can be done with you and your trainer or your trainer will take your puppy on an outing. The location will be at a pet store, outside a grocery store or something similar to work on positive exposure)


Receive access to our 8 week online puppy program. This program has over 80 videos and handouts to help you give your puppy the best start! ($250 value)


Day Training: let us take some of the pressure off you. Your trainer will come to your home and work one on one with your dog on the same skills you practice in private lessons, the added bonus? You don't have to be there for the session and we fill you in on the progress when we finish! This service is only available with pre-booked packages.

Day Training is only available within the Tri-Cities and subject to availability

Package add ons

30 minute out and about sessions

$65 plus GST

Self paced 8 week online puppy course

a comprehensive course to get your puppy started as soon as you bring them home


These sessions are perfect for those who want to advance their training, work on eliminating fear or add more distraction to their puppies training. These sessions can be added on to your package until your puppy reaches 5.5 months.

You can work together with your trainer or your trainer can take your puppy to an appropriately busy location to work on eliminating fear, toning down excitement with distractions and novel stimuli and getting stronger responses to cues with distraction.

Packages & Pricing

What to expect when you book with us

Each package will begin with a Comprehensive Consultation which is 60 minutes.

Consultations are designed so we can get to know you, your puppy & your routines and so we can build a plan to fit your lifestyle. 

When we meet, we start by looking at your current daily routine or help you develop one that best suits your lifestyle. From there we will answer your questions and discuss your current challenges to get a solid understanding of what is going on.

Next, we set some goals, management strategies and begin creating a custom training plan.

We finish by going over the training plan to ensure it is manageable for you, show demonstrations where needed, answer any last questions and go over any homework to get started on before receiving your follow up notes and training plan via email.

Before we finish, we will book in your follow up appointment(s) if not done previously. It is recommended to book follow ups 1-2 weeks apart. While your puppy is young, we recommend alternating sessions, one private session followed by an out and about session so we are able to fully assess and guide you and your puppy through safe and thorough socialization. 


After the consultation, you will receive notes on topics we discuss, step by step instructions for exercises, handouts and other educational tools. This will be sent within 3 days of your appointment unless otherwise specified.

We recommend writing down any questions before we arrive and also encourage taking notes, however, that is not required!


Follow ups

Follow ups are done in person and can be indoor or outdoor. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic masks are also required for all indoor sessions.

For puppies, follow-ups are generally scheduled 1 week apart to ensure consistency and so we can update plans as your puppy grows. We even see some puppy clients twice a week depending on which package you choose!