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Doggie Stay

Adult Dog Training

One on One in Person or Virtual Coaching

For Dogs Over 5 Months + New Rescues

Whether you've welcomed your canine companion as a puppy or embraced them later in life, it's never too late to embark on a transformative journey for a harmonious coexistence within your home. Our private training sessions, offered both in person and virtually, are your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your pet.


Discover the art of reinforcing desirable behaviors and mastering the skill of effectively managing and eliminating unwanted ones, all while strengthening the bond with your four-legged companion. Join us in creating a world where your dog thrives with confidence amidst the ever-changing landscape.

If your dog is experiencing leash frustration/reactivity, aggression or fear please visit the

Reactive Dogs Page

Some common topics we cover include:

Basic Cue Refresh/Advancing Cues

(Sit, Down, Stand, Eye Contact, Touch)

House Manners

(Greetings, Counter Surfing, Settle etc.)

Loose Leash Walking

Jumping Up


Leave it


(Mental Stimulation)

Cooperative Care

(Nail Trims, Grooming, Vet Visits etc.)

Empower Your Training Journey: Partner with us for a positive change

Initial Consultation & Planning Session

$195 plus GST 

60 minute session

During the initial session, we discuss your goals and challenges as well as management and prevention strategies. Together, we set realistic expectations based on your situation and your dogs needs for what to expect moving forward. 


Do you require more hands on coaching? We are here to guide you​.


Add ons:

30-45 minute follow up - $95 plus GST

60 minute follow up - $125 plus GST

Follow ups are generally required to see long term changes. During your follow ups, we continue working through your training plan together by practicing the skills needed while coaching you, adjusting and adding on as needed. They are also great for those who want practice with loose leash walking & recall. Our trainers can bring along a distraction dog, go on a field trip to a store or work on relaxing on a patio. We want to see you succeed, our sessions are flexible for this reason!


It is recommended to book 1-2 weeks apart

Price includes travel within Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge

What to expect

Each new client begins with a comprehensive consultation/planning session which is generally around 60 minutes.

Consultations are designed so we can get to know you, your dog & your routines and so we can build a plan to fit your lifestyle.

When we meet, we start by looking at your dog’s daily routine and see if we need to make any adjustments. From there we will discuss your current challenges to get a solid understanding of what is going on.

Next, we set some goals, management strategies and begin creating a custom training plan to begin working towards your goals.

We finish by going over the training plan to ensure it is manageable for you, show demonstrations where needed, answer any last questions and go over any homework to get started on before receiving your follow up notes and training plan via email.

Before we finish, we discuss follow up options if not done previously. It is recommended to book follow ups 1-2 weeks apart to ensure consistency and success in your training.

After your session, you will receive a training plan with step by step instructions, handouts and other educational tools. This will be sent within 5-10 days of your appointment unless otherwise specified.

We recommend writing down any questions before we arrive and also encourage taking notes, however, that is not required!


Follow ups

Follow ups are done in person and can be indoor or outdoor. Virtual follow ups are also available.

Your first follow up is generally booked 1 week after your consultation.

Additional follow-up lessons are generally scheduled 1-2 weeks apart for puppies & basic manners

(potty training, recall. leash manners, door manners, etc)

They are great for those of you who prefer hands on help with the implementation of the training plan, have multiple skills to work on, refining your dog training skills or keeping on track with your training plan with pre-booked appointments.

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