Virtual Training

Live Coached Professional Help via Zoom

All you need is a computer, tablet or cell phone with a camera.

Virtual Sessions are provided over Zoom, a live video chat platform. We send a link, you join and we get to training! This is a great option for dog owners who want to work with a certified dog trainer, regardless of where you live! As a bonus, you can even choose to record your session to refer back to as your training progresses!


Some areas we can help with include:



Lunging, barking, nipping towards people, children and other dogs


Puppy Training

House training, crate training, socialization, training skills and problem solving and management strategies


Basic Manners

Sit, down, eye contact, come, stay, settle, leave it, loose leash walking & much more.


Fearful dogs

Sensitivities to novel objects, sounds and other stimuli


Fear Free Cooperative Care

Preparing for vet exams, muzzle training, body handling, ear cleaning, eye drops grooming challenges and more.


Separation Anxiety

Vocalizing, panic, destruction, defecation, urination, or self-mutilation when left alone


Resource Guarding

Possessive of food, toys, space, people etc.



Benefits of Virtual Training


Ability to address a variety of behavior issues

Allows us to see some behaviours which wouldn’t show if there in person

Includes the same information you’d receive from in-person training

Decreased stress for your dog

Less distraction for your dog, which means increased focus

Flexible scheduling


During the initial consultation or session we will:

Discuss your goals and concerns

Provide answers to all of your questions

For Behaviour Modification - Take a thorough history of your dog based on the specific behaviour issues

For Behaviour Modification - We will discuss strategies to implement so that you can safely manage your dog

Introduce training exercises and/or behavior modification & management skills

Record the session to refer back to (if requested)

Provide a detailed report/notes on training techniques, management strategies handouts and follow up videos discussed


Black Dog
Behaviour Consultation

Ideal for reactivity/aggression towards other dogs and people, fearful dogs, leash frustration, separation anxiety, resource guarding and other behaviour modification

After the session you will receive a custom training plan, handouts and a recording of your session if you choose to video chat

$145 plus GST

60 minute session

Dog Blower
Basic Training

Ideal for puppies, new adoptions and if you are unsure where to begin with problem behaviours such as jumping on people, counter surfing and demand barking.

After the session you will receive a custom training notes, handouts and a recording of your session if you choose to video chat

$125 plus GST

60 minute session

Dog Portrait
Mini Session

Not sure virtual training is for you? Have some questions? Need some live coaching with homework exercises or challenges you're facing? Mini sessions will allow us to to have a brief chat while you get familiar with the Zoom platform, we can answer your questions, show demo's where needed and get you started on your training journey!

$75 plus GST

30 minute phone or video chat