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City Sniffers Scent Class

Harnessing the power of the canine nose

Upcoming Start Dates:

Level 1 - intro to food searches in containers

Tuesday May 7 @ 7pm (May 7, 14, 21, 28 & June 4)


Level 2 - Advanced Food Searches - must complete level 1 first

*Includes a vessel to take home

More dates coming soon!


What you'll learn:

The level 1 food searches class will give you a basic introduction to food searches in containers. Over 5 weeks, we will gradually build the difficulty of the searches at your dog's pace while giving you some fun homework. 

In the level 2 intro to odour class we will teach you how to pair birch oil and get your dog detecting a target scent.

Class Details:

  • This set of classes runs for 5 weeks

  • Each class is one hour long

  • Everyone will receive weekly info sheets and homework

  • Dogs must be 5 months old or older to attend.

  • Reactive dogs welcome - dogs displaying aggression to humans may not attend

  • 2 handlers max per dog. Children are encouraged to stay home

  • There will be 2 trainers on hand to coach you and answer any questions

  • Maximum 6 dogs per class with 2 trainers. Maximum 4 dogs per class with 1 trainer.

  • Each dog works one on one to ensure comfort during their searches


Out front of James Park Elementary, Port Coquitlam

1761 Westminster Ave. Port Coquitlam - there is parking on the street out front.


$225 plus GST

Please note:

  • There are no washrooms on site

  • Dogs unable to cope with the class setting may need to transfer to private sessions. We will discuss this further if this is the case

  • Your dog may be required to wait in your car between turns, ensure they are comfortable with this.

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