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Barking Dog

Tri-Cities Reactive Dog Club

Private club for our reactive clients

Do you need more practice working around other dogs or people to reduce reactivity fear or frustration? Our reactive club may be right for you! We offer 4 different class options depending on where you are in your training journey but everyone starts with the Basic Meetups to ensure you have a solid foundation of skills.

Basic Meetup

The purpose of the basic meetups is to work in an open space, learn how to better read your dogs' body language, build confidence in you and your dog and work through your desensitization and counterconditioning process. We will have opportunities to work closer and do "greetings" when appropriate but this is not our focus initially and many dogs will not be ready for this.


Advanced Skills

We will be working on surprise encounters, emergency skills like how to handle off leash dogs, basic training such as loose leash walking, eye contact, middle, backup and more. Each meetup will vary and we welcome suggestions. Only those approved by our team will be accepted into advanced skills groups.


Basic Parallel Pals Group Walk

There will be 4 dogs max for these coached group walks to ensure it's a safe learning environment for everyone. These walks are a great transition into advanced classes and advanced group walks. We understand the dogs will require more space so we will be meeting places like Town Centre, Riverview or even local shopping centres. Anyone is welcome to sign up for these walks but priority goes to those who aren't already advanced. 


Advanced Parallel Pals Group Walk

These coached group walks will take place in neighborhoods where the unexpected will happen. You can request we set up a class in your neighborhood as well. There will be a max of 6 dogs for 2 trainers for these walks so you will have lots of support. We will add in some advanced skills and surprise encounters along the way. Prepare to take your training to the next level!

Due to high demand, this club is exclusive to our past and current clients and suitable for working on leash reactivity towards other dogs or people due to fear or frustration.

A minimum of 1 private consultation or attendance of at least one of our Community Classes is required to ensure your dog can perform outside in a group setting and so we can set you up with the skills required to ensure stress free, safe and beneficial meetups for everyone. Follow up private sessions may be required before joining.

These meetups will be held outside in large open spaces within 

Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows & Port Moody

Single Consultation


60 minutes

Email us to book

Want more support? See our private training packages here

Be part of a group of like-minded people who have the same goals of lowering stress on walks and helping their dog learn new strategies to cope with ever-changing environments. Having the support in a community helps keep you motivated to train and gives lots of different dogs and humans to learn from. You will receive access to our private Facebook group where everyone in the club can connect, discuss training challenges, vent & share success! We also share educational content to keep the learning going.


$45 plus GST/meetup

Meetups will generally be held on weekend mornings

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