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TRAINING & Behaviour

Empowering Pet Parents: Building Confidence and Strong Bonds Through Positive Reinforcement

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Work with a team lead by our Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant & Fear Free Certified Trainer. Our team uses positive reinforcement and techniques based on the latest scientific research on dog behaviour and learning making training fun, effective and low-stress.

Our focus is not only to help build strong animal-human bonds but to keep training fun and at a pace everyone can follow.  Everyone involved in the process will experience the benefits, including the humans!

We will never use or recommend methods and tools which could inflict pain, fear or intimidation and follow strict Fear Free training methods.

If you're currently using tools like e-collars, prong collars, or choke chains, which we don't endorse, explore the Project Trade initiative below to discover how you can receive a discount on your training sessions!

Our service area includes Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody

Please email us to book if outside of these areas. You must be able to meet in one of these cities


Our Services

Specialized Training for Reactive Dogs

Work with our Certified Behaviour Consultant or trainer who specialize in tackling fear and frustration based reactivity. We offer private in person and virtual training, 6 week in person Reactive to Reconnected Class, inexpensive Community Classes, free classes through HugABull & the Tri-Cities Reactive Dog Club

Other Behaviour Modification

Is your dog fearful at the vet or groomer? Do they guard resources? Our Behaviour Consultant is also Fear Free Certified and can help set you up for successful, low-stress vet and grooming visits! We can customize a package to suit your needs.

At this time, we are not taking on separation anxiety or extreme resource guarding cases.


Outdoor Life Skills & City Sniffers Scent Classes

Our outdoor group classes are located in Port Coquitlam. They will give you and your dog a solid foundation of skills to work towards calm patio hangouts, ignoring environmental stimuli and focusing on you, solid recall, loose leash skills and more!

Private Puppy Training

Along with private training, we offer a free online self paced course so you can get started today! Don't wait until they're fully vaccinated, get booked in today and learn safe pre-vaccinated socialization strategies and build a solid foundation for lifelong success!


Adolescent/Adult/Rescue Dog Training

We cover all the basic training skills needed to tackle common behaviour challenges like attention seeking behaviours, inability to settle at home, leash pulling, poor recall & more! For new rescues, keep in mind that they will be going through a decompression period which is generally 3 months at the least.

These packages do not cover fear based behaviours. Please see our reactivity training if your dog is dealing with fear, anxiety or stress in the home or in the environment.

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