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We train using techniques based on the latest scientific research on dog behaviour, making training effective and low-stress.

Our focus is not only to help build strong animal-human bonds but we keep training fun and at a pace everyone can follow.  Everyone involved in the process will experience the benefits, including the humans!

We will never use or recommend methods and tools which could inflict pain, fear or intimidation and follow strict Fear Free training methods

Located in Port Coquitlam, we service the Tri-Cities & surrounding areas for basic training, behaviour modification and walk & trains. We also offer Virtual Live Coached training on Zoom for anyone outside of our service area!

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We are members of the Pet Professional Guild's Project Trade, proud supporters of the Shock-Free Coalition & Fear Free Certified

Click the logo to sign the pledge and help eliminate these devices in training.

Our Services

Behaviour Modification

Fear, Aggression & Leash Frustration

Private Dog Training

In person training for rescue dogs, puppies and adult basic manners

*Coming Soon*

Self-Study 8 Week Puppy Class

Perfect for those who wish to work from home

Virtual Live Coached

Same benefits as in person with more flexibility!

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