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TRAINING & Behaviour

Humane          Relationship Building          Choice-based          Science-Based          Positive Reinforcement

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Work with a team lead by our Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant. Our team uses positive reinforcement and techniques based on the latest scientific research on dog behaviour and learning making training fun,  effective and low-stress.

Our focus is not only to help build strong animal-human bonds but to keep training fun and at a pace everyone can follow.  Everyone involved in the process will experience the benefits, including the humans!

We will never use or recommend methods and tools which could inflict pain, fear or intimidation and follow strict Fear Free training methods.

Our service area includes Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge & Mission BC

Please email us if outside of these areas

Our Services


Reactivity & Aggression

Work with our Certified Behaviour Consultant or trainer who specialize in tackling all types of reactivity.

Is your dog fearful at the vet or groomer? Our Behaviour Consultant is also Fear Free Certified and can help set you up for successful, low-stress vet and grooming visits! 

At this time, we are not taking on separation anxiety or extreme resource guarding cases.


Private Puppy Training

Our puppy pro will work with you and your puppy to get you started on the right paw.

We will set you up with how to tackle the first few weeks including housetraining, crate training, safe socialization and basic manners.

We also offer an online self study program for those uncomfortable with traditional classes or those who want a head start!

Private Teen & Adult Training

Work with an experienced professional trainer to advance the skills learned as a puppy or start from scratch by working on teaching house manners, leash skills, recall and all of the other important basics.


Have a newly adopted dog? This is also a great option to help begin building a bond together!

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