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Custom training plans for reactivity, fear, frustration, mild separation anxiety, mild resource guarding, excessive barking and more.


Does your dog lunge, growl or bark at other dogs or people? Are they over stimulated in public? Does the approach of people, dogs or novel objects scare them? Handling a reactive or fearful dog has many challenges. With our Fear & Reactivity packages, we will set you up for success, develop a realistic management plan and help build your confidence handling your dog. We create easy to follow, custom behaviour modification plans and offer on-going e-mail support. Follow up notes are included as needed.


You must book an initial consultation prior to any follow up sessions. If we have worked together previously, another consultation may be required before booking more follow-up sessions, depending on the circumstances. Owner compliance is necessary for training plans to be successful.

If your dogs has experienced a sudden behaviour change. We will require a vet check before proceeding.

1 x 90 minute Consultation - $125 plus GST

*it it strongly encouraged to book a follow up within 2 weeks of a 90 minute consultation

2 x 60 minute sessions - $165 plus GST 

Consultation & follow up

*follow ups are required to ensure we can make appropriate adjustments to training plans and maintain consistency in training

Additional Sessions

1 x 60 minute follow up - $85 plus GST

2 x 60 minute follow up sessions - $150 plus GST

*Sessions must be used within 6 months of the initial booking

4 x 60 minute follow up sessions - $295 plus GST

*Sessions must be used within 6 months of the initial booking

* It is recommended that follow-ups are booked in advance to maintain consistency with training and to ensure we make appropriate adjustments, as needed.

Some examples of what we can help with are:

Reactivity Towards People Inside and Outside the Home

(lunging, growling, barking)

Reactivity Towards Dogs on or off Leash

(lunging, growling, barking)

Reactivity When People or Dogs Walk by the House

(lunging & barking from windows/fences/balcony)

Reactivity Towards Moving Objects

(cars, bikes, skateboards, etc.)

Fear of Objects

(collar/harness, nail trimmers, lawn mower, vacuum, novel items etc.)

Noise Fears

(loud vehicles, thunder, kitchen appliances, fireworks etc.)

Fear of Strangers or Family Members

(including children)

Environmental Fears

(vet's office, car rides, different floor surfaces, noisy/crowded places, etc.)