Puppy Socialization & Exploration Class

Suitable for puppies 8-15 weeks at the start of class

This class is a must for every puppy owner! We focus on setting you and your pup up for success with early socialization, confidence building, exposure to novel items and basics of training. We follow Fear Free standards  and have completed the Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right for Instructors course to ensure we are up to date with all the latest developments in puppy training. Our goal is to help build strong lasting bonds with your dog.

Must have:

Their first core set of vaccines a minimum of 10 days prior to start of class

Bordetella vaccine at least 7 days prior to start of class

De-worming and preventive flea medication

Negative fecal test for parasites

5 Weeks – One Hour Classes

Includes an on-line orientation and quiz to be done before class and notes with e-mail support throughout the course

What we cover:

Body Handling

Fear Free Vet Visits

Exploration of Novel Items

Name recall


Capturing Basic Behaviours

Safe Socialization

Puppy Biting

House Training

Appropriate Play & more!


$185 plus GST

*NEW* Location:

Wag 'N Woof Small Dog Daycare

#1 - 825 McBride BLVD


Upcoming Class dates:

Monday March 30th @ 7pm

(March 30, April 6, 13, 20 & 27)



Thursday April 2nd @ 7pm

(April 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30)


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Puppy Socials

Suitable for puppies up to 18 weeks (no prerequisites)

More info coming soon!

Socials are designed to help set your pup up for success. Puppies can come and socialize together while we teach you, the human, how to create positive experiences for them in any environment. You will have a chance to ask questions about your pup as well.


What your puppy will experience:

Appropriate Safe Puppy Play

learn your dogs social cues and different play styles, what is appropriate and where you may need to gently intercept

Exposure to new people and dogs

It is encouraged to bring a funny hat, glasses, costume pieces

Positive exposure to novel objects:

kids toys, skateboard, vacuum, surfaces to walk on, etc.

Vet and grooming tools


$20 plus GST - drop-in

Please ensure you have registered and have received a confirmation e-mail prior to showing up


*NEW* Location:

Wag 'N Woof Small Dog Daycare

#1 - 825 McBride BLVD

Registration Coming Soon

E-mail us if you are interested

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