Private Training

Working together to create and maintain strong animal-human bonds while having fun and learning useful skills.

We do not believe in the use of pain, fear, intimidation, leash corrections or verbal reprimands. We understand these are not necessary and potentially harmful in training. All training plans require compliance and follow-ups to ensure a full understanding of your dogs' behaviour.

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(up to 5 months)

Do you want to get your puppy started on the right paw? We can help with everything from how to choose a puppy, puppy proofing your home, recommended equipment and toys, house training, safe socialization and exploration, preparing for vet visits, body handling, crating & more!


(over 5 months)

Private basic training for all dogs including ones raised from puppy-hood, new rescues, dogs coming from another country, refresh of basic cues or continuing after a group class.

This is NOT suitable for dogs with reactivity, fear, aggression, leash frustration, separation anxiety, excessive barking or resource guarding. See Behaviour Modification for more info.

Custom training plans for reactivity - displaying aggressive behaviours such as lunging, growling or barking towards dogs or humans, fear & anxiety, leash frustration, separation issues, resource guarding, obsessive barking & more.

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